Our Story

Daughter of an executive private chef and now a mother of twins that cannot stay out the kitchen; my journey was destined before I even knew this was my calling. Growing up, instead of out playing with friends my brother and I were actively helping in my mother’s restaurant which provided catering, private events, Sunday brunch and also open to the public. I learned a lot growing up in the kitchen. She, then, not only opened a second restaurant but built it herself as well so this young Jamaican woman was very ambitious and I would watch her questioning myself could I ever be a jack of all trades or be able to do half of what she does. So, throughout our high school years, that is where we spent our free time.

Fast forward to us moving to Georgia with very short notice, time was ticking and I was approaching my graduation. I figured I would study law and become a family lawyer. I was heavily influenced by my parents’ divorce. I went on to college working three different jobs. The gym helped me in the nutrition aspect because I was once overweight and joined a 90-day challenge. I finally lost 50 pounds being the lightest I had ever been. Then, my final year of school, I found out I was pregnant with TWINS! With that being said, everything changed I told myself there is no way I can be out of work for a year to study law and immediately took a career change. I completed my bachelors in criminology/pre-law and started selling cars. I sold cars all the way until five hours before giving birth and thought this was not so bad.

I returned to the car business and even met the owner of the company which gave me the inspiration for owning my own business. I told myself if he could do it there is no way I can’t. I prayed and told myself I don’t know what I’m going to do but I know I will be my own boss. I took a leap of faith and changed direction from selling cars and took an hourly position with the company. With my free time, I started to acquire, I started back going to the gym to lose the baby weight and eating healthy and would post my meals on social media because friends would ask. Then, the middle of June 2018, a close friend of mine asked how much I would charge her to meal prep for her as well. It took me a while to really think about that because I didn’t know what to charge, what to make, where to start I was all over the place. Then, after I finally accepted delivered my first order on June 23rd, 2018 the rest was history. She, then, referred people who referred people and today, I couldn’t thank God enough for the opportunity to keep our family happy and healthy.